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A quick escape from the city

A coffee-shop morning sounded like fun, so we packed up the young one and headed out of Bangkok to Phutthamonthon Sai 6. We had heard about After the Rain from some friends, so we thought it was time we checked it out. After the Rain is pretty easy to find, but there was construction on Borromaratchachonnani which made finding the turnoff a little trickier. The shop is directly on a smallish road and easy to spot. Upon walking up the quaint steps we were greeted by a staff member. There was nobody else there, so we had our pick of the tables.

After the Rain Bangkok
Secret Garden kind of passage to the water.

We chose a table outside on the porch, not near the water because we have our young son. The atmosphere is the main draw for this café. From the light gypsie jazz, the smell of flowers, to a charming rope swing this coffee shop has an inviting mood…that is slightly disturbed by passing cars. However, if you go down near the water the traffic sounds diminish, and it is rather peaceful…just mind the millipedes.

To further escape the sounds of the city you can take a free boat to travel along the little canals in the middle of the coconut trees. I hopped in one of the yellow boats and as I paddled deeper into the trees the quieter everything became. It was hot but enjoyable to get a little taste of nature without having to drive to Khao Yai or Cha Am. The free boat ride is definitely a unique feature of this shop.

Back to the menu

After the Rain serves typical breakfast and lunch fare at normal prices for outer Bangkok.

But I did not come here for all that, I came to see if this is a “coffee shop” or just a place that happens to make coffee.

As far as coffee goes they only serve espresso drinks. When I asked if they served drip coffee the server did not know what that was so I did not even get into roasts and origin of the coffee beans. I didn’t see any of the equipment necessary to be a place that really wants to make great coffee…which is fine, coffee is just not their focus. When in these situations, I go with a hot americano, close enough to drip coffee and for sure there will be no milk or sugar in it.

after the rain coffee menu

Americano and Latte

Americano and latte from After the Rain ba
Americano and latte from After the Rain.

The americano was a typical one, nothing super special but if you drank it while it was hot then it was adequate. The price for the hot americano was 45baht served with a pack of sugar and no water on the side.

Lila had her usual hot latte which was normal with the obligatory latte-art-heart. This latte was not that irresistibly rich latte we had at Seen, but like the americano, not bad. After the Rain exemplified more of what has been my experience when I have gone to coffee shops here in Thailand. The atmosphere gets special attention, which is awesome and provides wonderful picture taking opportunities, and they cater to sweet and milky coffee drinks rather than what I would consider coffee. I’m thinking of my trips up north where there are huge photo op novelty signs and wonderful views but not much in the way of care towards the coffee.

After the Rain is worth the stop

Anytime you can get out of the city and find a little nature and enjoy a breeze along with a free boat ride it is a good time, but I think you can get After the Rain’s coffee offerings at most run of the mill coffee shops – ie Amazon. Maybe their food and other drinks are stellar, but Coffee Simple.กาแฟโฮมเมด focuses on coffee.

Hours: Tues-Sun 08:30 – 18:30

Price Range: 45฿-75฿

Find them at: