Roots Bkk Cold Brew Coffee – a refreshing surprise!

Roots BKK cold brew coffee

You know those serendipitous moments when somethings just align? That’s how it was when I saw a menu for Roots Cold Brew Coffee on a table at a Mexican food restaurant. I had seen Roots’ beautiful website when looking into ordering coffee online and then here I found myself in one of their locations. They only have two locations, Sathorn and Thonglor, and considering all the places I could have ended up this was quite a coincidence!

Roots cold brew coffee at the commons
My friend invited me to this place called to The Commons in Thonglor. I figured why not go and check it out. It was when we sat down to order some guacamole and chips that I saw the menu for Roots Cold Brew Coffee. I immediately went and found the café at the front of The Commons on the ground floor.

cold brew coffee by Roots
The café has that stripped down, clean, look of a coffee shop that focuses on quality coffee. I ordered the ready to drink Black Cold Brew Coffee and the White Cold Brew Coffee. I drank them both over ice as suggested by the barista.

Roots Black Cold Brew Coffee

The first sip of the black coffee was a little sour, not in a bad way, but in a way that was highlighting the natural coffee flavors. It was brighter than Starbucks cold brew or Storm cold brew and took a few sips to get used to it. There was a very faint liquor flavor that is not my favorite but disappeared as I drank more. Mid way through the black cold brew I was really enjoying it and had to control myself to not just slurp it down! Gotta savor it right? It was smooth and clean and had a deep black coffee flavor.

Roots bkk cold brew coffee
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My friend asked what I would rate it out of 5 stars and I think it would be about a 3.5. Really it is a delicious cold brew coffee, but my personal preference is the darker, nuttier cold brews, though I appreciate how Roots was able to bring out some tart brightness in the cold brew while still controlling the acid and achieving a rich coffee flavor. I am sure this is a favorite for many people and out of the many cold brews I have tried Roots is in my top three!

As for the White cold brew coffee I would give it a 4.5. It was just damn good! The White was crazy smooth and paired so well with milk. It was rich but still had a coffee presence. This was a drink I could have finished in one giant gulp!

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The price of each of the cold brews was 100฿ which is about what you will pay in their online store (or less if you order the 12 bottles). Even with free shipping 100฿ for 240ml is a little pricey compared to other companies (Storm Cold Brew also offers free shipping and is 55฿ for 200ml) but if you like cold brew coffee then Roots Cold Brew is certainly worth a try and a nice treat.

A Coffee Company With a Mission

As an added bonus, it seems like Roots is a coffee company trying to make a difference in the people’s lives who are part of the coffee journey, “Good from the Roots” is their slogan. This is from their website:

Our belief is that, by devoting our resources to improving the well-being of every single person involved in the journey of our coffee – from baristas, to roasters, to farmers – we can help each other grow, develop and achieve something truly amazing.

Great cold brew coffee and an inspiring mission behind them, get some cold brew from Roots today!

Buy Roots coffee online at and follow them on IG at @rootsbkk (they post some really pretty pictures.)