Hello! This is my coffee blog. My name is Brandon Lee and I enjoy sharing my interest in coffee with you. In this blog I will be writing about various topics relating to coffee. More specifically, I write about coffee in Thailand.

In the United States, I worked in coffee shops, both mom and pop and big chains, during my teens and through college. Over the past couple of years while living in Thailand I found myself wanting to brew more at home in order to stay away from the overly sweet drinks prepared at most coffee shops. Coffee culture in Thailand is alive and vibrant but sometimes you gotta know where to look. To get started with some basic brewing at home start here. If you want to order great coffee online check out this article about ordering coffee beans or ordering cold brew coffee (my favorite).

Coffee Simple is an educational resource that strives to empower you to brew at home, find great coffee shops, and discover amazing coffee experiences here in Thailand.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at: coffeesimple.thailand@yahoo.com